ETCAI Products

ETCAI Products is a developer of education software and system tools. The current developer portfolio contains 27 programs. The most popular software is Basic Circuits Challenge with 6 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by ETCAI Products

Basic Circuits Challenge
Complex set of circuit utilities for teaching you electrical knowledge.
Digital Challenge
It's a software tool created to assist teaching basic digital circuit concepts.
Ohmmeter Challenge
It teach students to analyze wiring and troubleshoot circuits.

Popular programs by ETCAI Products

AC Circuits Challenge
AC Circuits Challenge consists of a set of fourteen activities.
Op Amp Challenge
Op Amp Challenge - Make learning exciting with challenging activities.
Solid State Challenge
It consists of twelve activities to teach basic solid-state circuit concepts.
Voltmeter Challenge
Teach students to analyze wiring & troubleshoot circuits using digital voltmeter.
Power Supply Challenge
This program is a 32-bit Windows application for Vista, XP, Me, 98 and 2000.

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